Cat bed cat hammock cat hammock window sill single layer double layer super suction cup cat cushion nest cat litter pet

Size: 60X31CM
style: Double layer
Sale price$102.00 USD


Product material Coral velvet, tarpaulin, pipe fittings

Maximum load: 10kg or so

Specifications Single layer 60*31CM, double layer 60*31CM

Notes on the use of cat hammocks:

1. Before the hammock is installed, please soak the suction cup with 60 degree warm water for ten minutes; 

2. Wipe the contact surface of the glass and the suction cup with a wet towel or a damp cloth; 

3. After the suction cup is attached, be sure to press the air inside the extrusion; 

4. After you install it, you need to wait patiently for 20 minutes. When the water on the glass is naturally dried, the cockroach will be firmer.

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