Double Bowl Automatic Drinking Dog Pot Cat Bowl

Color: Dark Blue
Sale price$23.00 USD


*DOUBLE BOWLS - This pet diner has a set of 2 bowls for feeding food and water
*600ML water dispense - Which is best for small dogs and cats. And the automatic water dispenser will refill the water into the dish automatically help to keep the water filled and clean whether you at home or not. It is simple and convenient to use the siphon principle to automatically drink water.
*Designed to raise the base - 0° or 15° Double angle rotation adjustable Food Bowls. When the feeding bowl at 15 °, the pets eating height 7cm.Reduce stress on the spine caused when the cats and dogs eating, which is good for pets to grow and develop.
*EASY TO WASH DISHES - The bowls and water dispenser is removable, can be removed from the whole, and easy to clean.

Material: plastic
Colour: dark blue large, white large, red large

Package Content:
- 2 x Pet Feeder Bowls
- 1 x Water Bottle 600ML



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