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Giant Microbes Original Pox (Syphilis)

Giant Microbes Original Pox (Syphilis)

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Do you know what this little cutie pie reminds me of. George from Rainbow. Yes I really did say that George from Rainbow reminds me of Syphilis

I am sure George won't mind, Zippy might though!

Out of all the virus's and diseases you could get this is the one you wouldn't mind, look how cute he is. How can something as cute as that turn into something bad. Of course not. Did you know that Ludwig van Beethoven had this little monkey inside his system. As cute as this may be this is a killer. And it has killed loads. Although these days we can treat this with a course off antibiotics. But still this remains a very common threat.


1932 – 1972: The Tuskeegee Experiment withheld effective treatment to nearly 400 study participants with Syphilis based on their race so that researchers could observe the natural progression of the disease when left untreated. In light of this event, President Eisenhower signed the National Research Act into law to protect human rights during research experiments.

Famous people who died of it:
Good or bad, rich or poor, old or young, Syphilis knows no boundaries. Historical figures of all shapes and sizes fell victim to this disease—from creative cats like Ludwig van Beethoven, Edouard Manet and Charles Baudelaire, to powerful leaders like Henry VIII and Adolf Hitler, and even an infamous thug like Al Capone.


Did you know you can get Syphilis in a box set

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