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Intelligent Automatic Training Spray Anti-bark Training Device Electronic Collar

Intelligent Automatic Training Spray Anti-bark Training Device Electronic Collar

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1. The spray anti-bark device can effectively prevent pets from barking. The vibration frequency generated when the dog barks will trigger the induction receiving system in the anti-bark device, and then spray aerosol to warn the dog to stop barking. (The aerosol does not cause any harm or side effects to people and pets, and belongs to the environmentally friendly lemongrass flavor)
2. Citronella spray (85 grams per bottle, 3 ounces) is made of citronella essential oil and does not contain CFC ingredients. It is an environmentally friendly product and is safe for people and dogs.
3. The water spray bark stopper can automatically distinguish dog barking, and external sounds and frequencies will not interfere with the product.
4. Bark spray can be worn on the dog in a short time to achieve the effect, without long training.
5. Install spray bark plugs correctly on most dogs. When the dog barks, the spray bark stopper will issue a spray warning. When the dog is warned, it will distract its attention and stop barking in order to achieve its goal. At this time, the owner needs to praise and encourage the dog. After a short period of adaptation, the dog will remember the warning of spraying bark plugs when barking


1. The product has low power consumption, the lithium battery can be recharged repeatedly, no need to replace the battery, reducing environmental pollution
2. The spray mode can be adjusted, according to the size of the dog, the spray mode can be adjusted to spray the size

Product information:
Material: ABS
Product Category: Dog Training Device
color: blue
Applicable object: Dog
Specification (length * width): 20*16*5.5cm

Note: Gas cylinders not included

Start method:
1. Long press the power button for 2 seconds and the green light flashes once to start the host program. (The green light flashes once every 5 seconds, normal working state)
2. After the machine is fully charged, press the power button to turn it on. If the red light flashes twice and cannot be turned on (indicating that there is no gas in the spray can), you need to turn off the machine, add gas, and then turn it on again.

Off mode:
Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, the green light will continue to flash, and the host will shut down normally

Indicator light display mode:

1. The green light keeps flickering when it is turned on and it cannot be turned on, indicating that the battery is low and needs to be charged.
2. The red light flashes once, indicating that the battery is seriously low and needs to be charged.
3. The red light flashes twice, indicating that the amount of gas and liquid is insufficient, and it needs to be supplemented.
4. The red light flashes 5 times, and gas and electricity are needed.

Packing list:
Bark spray*1

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