Interactive Dog Treat Ball

Size: Small 5 cm
Color: Red
Sale price$13.00 USD


This interactive dog treat ball is a fun way to help keep your pup stimulated while helping promote good dental health. Just fill it with your pups favorite treats or use your pup's own kibble (using an appropriate size of course). Also, it is a great fun way to slow down those fast eaters. You can use it as a fetch toy (just make sure it is not "loaded", they may not want to bring it back to you)

  • Great for indoor or outdoor play
  • Add your dog food or treat for extended chewing sessions
  • Mint scented to keep dogs interested
  • Help cleans the teeth, massages gums and tongue, and may reduce dental plaque and tartar breeding
  • Keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated
  • BPA free made of non toxic rubber

Comes in two sizes 5cm or 8cm good for small to large dogs. However, we do don't recommend this for very aggressive or powerful chewers.

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