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Pug Life

Lulu Pug Butt Hanging Diffuser

Lulu Pug Butt Hanging Diffuser

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Now everything can smell like Pug Butt!!!! When you can't take a candle with you, these hanging diffusers will keep the aromatic scent of pug butt wafting through the air.

Lulu - A little sweet, a little sassy. Like a whimsical summer day full of fruit dusted with sugar.

We recommend hanging your mood diffuser in small spaces such as your closet, car, office, laundry room, or bathroom to create mood. Prisms may be reused with any scent.

1. Remove the wooden lid and protective plastic insert. Set the plastic insert to the side.
2. Replace the wooden lid and flip upside down for two to three seconds. The fragrant oil will disperse through the wood.
3. Unscrew the cap and replace the protective plastic insert. This is important to prevents spills.
4. Tighten the cap and hang wherever you'd like to smell Pug Butt!

Refresh periodically by repeating these steps. Depending on the environment, you will need to rotate the bottle about every two weeks. Make sure you always replace the plastic insert.

Warning: These are essential oils and like all essential oils, they can damage surfaces. Use caution when opening the diffuser lid; avoid spilling the fragrance, as this can damage some surfaces. Only remove the plastic lid to refresh the fragrance. Do not hang or store without the plastic inside snapped in place and the wooden lid screwed tight. Wipe any spills immediately. If using as a travel diffuser, pack in a spill-proof bag to avoid oil staining clothes or other items. As with all essential oils, keep these out of reach of children and pets.
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