Navy Astral Leather Pet Harness

Size: XXS
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Our Astral Leather harnesses are full of magic that will immerse you in the fascinating world of the cosmos and its stars. They are exclusive luxury accessories that will make your pet shine and be the center of attention. Harnesses that fit the shape of your pet, comfortable, safe and durable thanks to its design and excellent quality materials.

Dog and cat harnesses made of soft 100% chrome free natural leather and gold plated zamak hardware, to guarantee its resistance, strength and durability. Handmade by local artisans in Colombia. Please note for shipping time as it is to be defined per country.

Size Guide:



11.8 in - 15 in

(30-38 cm)

Chihuahua - Yorkie Toy - Pomerania Toy

7.8 in - 10.3 in

(20-26 cm)

15 in - 19 in

(38-48 cm)

Dachshund - Shi Tzu - Italian Greyhound (Galgo Italiano)

11 in - 14.2 in

(28-36 cm)

17.33 in - 23.6 in

(44-60 cm)

Boston Terrier - Westie - Schnauzer

14.6 in - 20.1 in

(37-51 cm)

18.9 in - 25.2 in

(48-64 cm)

Border Collie - Husky - Beagle

18.9 in - 25 in

(48-62 cm)

23.6 in - 29.2 in

(60-74 cm)

Labrador - Golden - Weimaraner

23.6 in - 28.5 in

(60-72 cm)


Great Danes (Gran Danes) - Saint Bernard (San Bernardo)

Care Details: To ensure that leather accessories maintain their original appearance and quality, we recommend avoiding direct exposure to water and, if possible, not using them in nurseries or schools. To clean the leather, use a damp cloth and let it air dry. You can apply a little moisturizing cream to prevent it from drying out. Some colors may fade when using wet accessories.

Please note: Item is handmade by local artisans in Colombia. Thus, shipping time will be longer and defined per country. This is a custom leather piece, so returns are not accepted.

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