Pet Chest Strap With Dog Leash

Color: Blue
Size: XS
Sale price$20.00 USD


Product information:

Material: Nylon
Product Category: Chest strap
Scalable: Yes


model                           Adjust the bust                   Dog weight                                                    Cat weight                                                        
Baby 1 Bust 25-31CM Dog weighs less than 3 kg Cat weighs less than 4 catties
Baby 2 Bust 30-41CI Dog weighs 3-7 kg Cat weighs less than 4-12 kg
XS Bust 36-50CM Dog weighs 7-15 kg Cat weighs less than 7-15 kg
S Bust 50-60CI Dog weighs 14-26 kg
M Bust 55-65CM Dog weighs 24-46 kg
L Bust 65- 80CI Dog weight 46-58 kg
XL Bust 70-90CM Dog weight 56-80 kg
XXL Bust 90-120CI Dog weight 80-160 kg


1.The buckle and handle design of S size is a little different from other sizes.

2.For details, take L size as an example, XS and S size handles There are no fixed positions for flashlight brackets and large backpacks on both sides.

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