Pet Dog Cat Bath Brush Comb Multifunctional Brush Hair Fur Grooming Massaging Washing Comb Wet And Dry Remove Hair Knots

Color: White
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1.Enjoy Massage: Use soft TPR combs, allowing pets to enjoy massage and grooming, while effectively reducing the hair and dander on their bodies and repelling parasites.
2.Caring for Body Hair: The most basic way of caring for body hair is combing, and the most basic way of caring for pet's body hair is combing. By combing body hair every day, it can remove the dirt in the body hair, stimulate the skin, promote blood circulation, and make the body hair more tidy.
3.Gentle and Safe: Use soft TPR material, specially designed to protect sensitive skin from scratching. Gently brush your pet's hair with the correct force and keep it in one direction.
4.Ergonomic Design: The brush is small in size, easy to use, and reduces strain on hands and wrists.
5.Wisdom and Health: Regular grooming can also bring a comfortable massage for your pet. The blood circulation increases, and the pet's hair is soft and shiny.

Name: Pet bath massage brush
Product material: PC+TPR
Product color: white/bright yellow/nordic pink/nordic blue
Applicable objects: pet bathing, brushing, massage
Suggestion: After washing and grooming the pet, put it in the sun for 1 hour to kill bacteria and bacteria

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