Pet Grooming Brush Dematting Dog Comb Cat Brush To Remove Floating Hair Sticky Hair With Tank Pet Cleaning Supplies

Color: Blue long hair
style: Only Cleaning comb
Sale price$15.00 USD


Product Information:

Color: Injected Blue Long Hair, Injected Blue Short Hair, Injected Pink Long Hair, Injected Pink Short Hair
Material: ABS+silicone
Color: Cleaning comb+10 puffs of cotton soft tissue+20ml set of free cleaning solution, Cleaning comb+100 puffs of cotton soft tissue+200ml set of free cleaning solution, 100 puffs of cotton soft tissue (accessory), 200ml of free cleaning solution (accessory)
Special cleaning-free essence liquid: ingredients: deionized water, coconut glucoside, plant acarid agent, polyamine salt sterilization conditioner, plant essential oil, etc.
Target audience: For pets only. Store at room temperature, out of reach of children
Size: 62 * 30 * 190MM

Packaging list:
Cleaning comb+cotton soft tissue+wash free solution * 1/100 puffs of cotton soft tissue * 1/200ml of wash free solution (* 1/comb * 1)

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