Spirit Animal Worlds - Hand Carved Collections of Natural Stone Figurines with Display Stands and Spirit Animals Information Card

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This collection of Spirit Animals is a perfect accessory for any altar or meditation space. They will help you to connect to deeper aspects of yourself, or they will simply add to the warmth and feel of your alter and meditation space.

Spirit Animal Worlds

This collection is broken into unique worlds. Each world consists of

[4] 100% natural stone carved Spirit Animals

[4] hexagon display stands made from biodegradable PLA plastic

[1] Spirit Animal definition card (4"x6") that provides insights on all 4 Spirit Animals.


The current worlds are:

  • Winged Wonders - Includes an Eagle, Road Runner, Hen and Dragonfly with Light Blue and White Display Blocks
  • Forest Favorites - Includes a Bear, Fox, Wild Boar and Turtle with Green and Brown Display Blocks
  • Night Life - Includes an Owl, Wolf, Mouse and Cat with Galaxy Black and Galaxy Blue Display Blocks
  • In The Garden - Includes a Butterfly, Hummingbird, Rabbit, and frog with Light Green and Light Yellow Display Blocks
  • Water Marvels - Includes a Fish, Sea Turtle, Whale and Duck with Blue and Bright Blue Display Blocks
  • Wild and Exotic - Includes an Elephant, Gorilla, Lion and Cobra with dark Green and Tan Display Blocks

More worlds are under development and will be released soon!!


Collect Them All!!!

Average stone figurine height / width is 1.46" (37mm) x 1.14" (29 mm)
Each stone figurine is totally unique in color and design since they are hand carved in Peru.

Display Blocks are 1.25", 1.75", 2.25" and 2.75"Product Dimensions

Each world category uses unique colors for the display stands, however, all display stands are designed to fit together so you can place several different kits together in very unique ways. These fit very nicely in an alter area, but are also great gifts for kids.

The color sequence for the dual colored platforms does vary. For example, one kit may have Dark Green for the 2.75" and 1.25" displays and Tan for the 1.75" and 2.25" displays, and the next kit color sequence may be the total opposite.

The kits are packaged to look very pleasing to the eye, yet they are very sturdy so that they can easily withstand shipping extremes. 

Outside View of product and packaging

Because of how attractive this collection is, they make for wonderful gifts, whether a person is using them as spirit animals or not. 

Either way, the information card that is provided with the kit includes a nice description of what those 4 spirit animals can represent, and this really helps to make them more easy to understand and find purpose.

Each kit includes small items. Recommended minimum age is 5 or older.

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Collect Them All!!!

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